Dr. Galen Royer Frysinger



Dr. Galen Royer Frysinger

Traveler and Photographer

I am a retired scientist (chemistry and physics).  After getting my PhD from Yale I spent time doing research in Germany on Fulbright and National Science Foundation grants, worked in University research, for the Federal government and with industry. Most of my work was with new products.  My retirement interests changed to Comparative Ethnography, comparing how people live, their tools, and how they dress.

This project is to show through

World Views

what I have observed thru my Travel Camera Lens

I have traveled to 180 independent countries plus 91 dependencies which are separate enough
 due to geography, culture or history to warrant being considered separate territories.

You can follow my

Life of Travel and Photography


My Life Retrospective


or through

Dr. Galen R Frysinger's Travel Photo Gallery

People and Places

Galen at 86

I live in my hometown of Sheboygan in the State of Wisconsin


in my walker


or my wheelchair

I am taken on local visits where I can still take my photos.

Quit Expo in Madison    Christopher Gardens    Russian Dinner    Sheboygan Quilt Show

Il Retrivo Restaurant    Taste of Sheboygan     Wings     Winooski

Cascade      Lake Church      Random Lake



the cakes to be auctioned



the Auction